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The Help Movie Trailer

Quiz by: esale    

Description: A comedy, but a true story about black help during segregation in the USA. For these women, it’s time to talk about living conditions, time to change.
High Intermediate
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1-Where does the scene take place?
2-What does the mother say to her daughter?
3-What is Sketter's idea?
4-What is Sketter's book about?
5-Why does Sketter want to write a book?
6-What is the relationship between Sketter and her help?
7-Why is it difficult for the help to talk?
8-What is Hilly's idea?
9-What does Sketter reply to Hilly when she speaks about her idea?
10-What does the priest say?
11-What does the woman ask about her dress?
12-Why is Minnie fired?
- Sorry I’m late!
- We didn't ever think you'd leave Ol' Miss.
- I’d just take four years, Jolene.
- I got a job today writing for The Jackson Journal.
- Great, you can write my obituary: “Charlotte Phelan dead! Her daughter, still single”.

- Does this dress look homemade?
- I reckon when you finish it won't.
- Thank you!
- She looks like a winning horse at the Kentucky Derby.

- I've drafted The Home Help Sanitation Initiative.
- The what?
- A bill that requires every white home to have a separate bathroom for the help.
- Maybe we should just build you a bathroom outside, Hilly.

- Minnie?
- Hey Aibileen.
- Hey Minnie.

- These women raise white children, we love them and they love us, but they can’t even use the toilets in our houses.

- Minnie, are you in there? You are fired!

- You said to write about what disturbs me, particularly what bothers no one else.
- I thought you’d write something from the point of view of the help.

- I want to interview you.

- No maid is ever gonna tell you the truth. That's a hell of a risk to take in Jackson, Mississippi.

- Courage ain’t just about being brave. It’s about overcoming fear and daring to do what is right with your fellow men.

- What changed your mind?
- God and Miss Hilly Holbrook.

- I'm gonna help with your stories.
- We all are.

- You all two brought me into this, but I'm gonna finish it!

- Have you lost your mind?
- No ma’am, but you’re about to.

- It’s quite scandalous, sounds like Jackson if you ask me.

- You tell Aibeleen, do I have plans for her!

- You're a godless woman.

- You've gone and done it now.
Help [ˈhɛlp] : bonne
Homemade [ˌhəʊmˈmeɪd] : fait maison
Fire [faɪə] : renvoyer
Obituary [əˈbɪtjʊərɪ]: revue nécrologique