Quiz by: Camiex
Description: Watch and choose true/false.
Low Intermediate
Minions. Minions have been on this planet far longer than we have. They go by many names: Dave,
Carl, well that one is Norbit, he's an idiot.
They all share the same goal: to serve the most despicable master around. - Banana! Gnam gnam!
Finding a master was easy; keeping a master, that's where things got tricky. Oh...
But nonetheless they kept on looking. *speaking their language*
Without a master they had no purpose, they became aimless and depressed. If this went on much
longer they would surely perish. But then one minion stepped forward.
Kevin felt pride he was going to be the one to find his tribe the biggest baddest villain to serve.
Stuart felt... hungry mostly... he was going to be the one to eat this banana. And Bob, Bob was
frightened of the journey ahead. [music] *speaking their language* [music] *speaking their
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