Scottish Elevator

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Description: Not all accents are created equal
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Where's the buttons? Oh no, they've installed voice-recognition technology in this _________. I've heard about this. Voice-recognition technology, in a ___________, in Scotland? You ever tried voice-recognition technology?
No. They don't do Scottish accents. ______________. Could you please repeat that? _______________. _______________. _______________. _____________. Could you please repeat that? ____________
Whose idea was this? You need to try an American accent. Eleven. Eleven. Sounds ___________, not American. Doesn't it? Eleven. Where in America is that, Dublin?
I'm sorry, could you please repeat that? Try an English accent, right. Eleven. Eleven. You from the same part of _____________ as Dick Van Dyke?
________________ yours then smartass. Please speak slowly and clearly. Smartass. Eleven. I'm sorry, could you please repeat that.
Eleven. If you don't understand the lingo, away back inta ya in country. that talk now, away back inta ya in country. Ah, don't start ________________ how can ya be racist to a lift?
Please speak slowly and clearly. Eleven. Eleven. Eleven. Eleven. You're just sayin' it the same way I wanna keep sayin' it till it understands _____________, alright? Eleven. Eleven. Eleven. Eleven.
Ah, just take us anywhere you cow! Just open the doors! This is a voice-activated elevator. Please state which floor you would like to go to in a clear and _________ manner. __________. _________. Where is that coming from? Why is it telling people to be ______?
Because they knew they'd be selling this to Scottish people who would be _____________ their nuts at it! You have not selected a floor. Aye, we have! Eleven!
If you would like to get out of the elevator, without ____________ a floor, simply say "Open the doors, please." Please. Please. XXX XX XXX.
Maybe we just should say please. I'm not begging that for ___________. Open the doors please. Please. Pathetic. Please remain calm.
Would you let me up to that! Get me up there! Right, just wait for it to speak. You have not selected a floor. Aghhhh! Up yours, you cow! If you don't open these doors, I'm gonna come to America, I'm gonna find whatever ___________ actress gave you a voice, and I'm gonna get an electric chair for you!
Scotland ya bastard! Scotland! Scotland! FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM! ___________?
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