Quiz by: ESLTeach
Description: SpeakOut Video Podcast Starter Level
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Where is Andrea from?
Listen to the man in 1:10. What's his name?
Minute 1:45. Where are the 3 girls from?
Minute 1:55. Are Juliana's family in Hungary now?
Minute 2:07. What's his job?
Minute 2:18. What's her job?
What are the three questions in the video?
Hello my name is Andrea. I'm from Brazil. I'm a producer at the BBC. How about you? What's your

My name is Elsa Leslie. My name is Will Porter. My name is Keiko Ono. My name is Andrew. My
name's Isabella Stewart. My name is Cynthia. My name is Haru. My name is Ming. I'm Luck Cotton.
My name is Iris Assaf. My name is Ethan. My name is Julianna Kadha. My name is Alfred Anza. Uh,
my name is Nerisaa. My name is Jerry Sedlacek - S E D L A C E K. I'm John Bartlett - B A R T L E T T.
My name is Pedro Romero. I'm Lee. Eva Feuerbaum - F E U E R B A U M. My name is James Baptista
and my surname is spelled B A P T I S T A.

Where are you from? I'm from Glasgow in Scotland. I'm from New York. I am from Papua New
Guinea. I'm from Thailand. I'm from Uruguay in South America. I'm from Scotland. I'm from
California. I'm from here in London. I'm from India originally from Cardiff. I'm originally from Haifa in
Israel. We are from Taiwan. I'm from Canada. I come from Sevilla, Spain. From Germany. I come from
the Czech Republic. I'm from Ghana. I'm from Hungary, but my family is now living in Switzerland.

what's your job? I'm a teacher. I am a student. I'm a doctor. I'm a manager. I am a music producer.
I'm a journalist. I'm a television producer. I'm an architect. I'm a student. I work in an office. I work in
IT. I'm a student. I'm an engineer.
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