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The group of women who helped put a man on the moon were known as
The women did advanced math calculations
They had to make sure that the planes were
Their work was _____ for the astronauts.
Hidden Figures is the story of how a small band of black women joined the space program in the 50's and 60's,
Katherine Johnson still lives by the same ___ her father told her when she was young: "You're as good as anybody else."
What did Katherine Johnson's calculations help accomplish in 1969?
Because of the Jim Crow laws, these women
Langley's newly ___ workforce made it not just a flight laboratory, but a social experiment.
Leland Melvin said that after Johnson retired, her name was spoken
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STEREOTYPE: an often unfair and untrue belief
that many people have about all people or
things with a particular characteristic;

SEGREGATION: the practice or policy of keeping
people of different races, religions, etc.
separate from each other;

JIM CROW: the unfair treatment of black people
in the past in the southern U.S. when laws were
passed that didn't give them the same rights as
white people;

HESITANCE: being slow to speak or act because
you are unsure or nervous about something;

REVERENCE: honor or respect that is felt or
shown to someone or something;

PROPULSION: the force that moves something

LIFT: the act of raising or lifting something;
thrust: a forward or upward push;

TRAJECTORY: the curved path along which
something (such as a rocket) moves through the
air or through space;

ORBIT: the curved path that something (such as
a moon or satellite) follows as it goes around
something else (such as a planet);

EFFICIENT: capable of producing the required
results without wasting materials, time, or

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