NEWS REPORT: Lava Spill in Hawaii, 2018: TV coverage

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Description: This is television coverage of the effects of the spread of volcanic lava in Hawaii, in 2018. The questions were created more for early-intermediate to intermediate students and not beginners.
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1. What adjective was used to describe the volcano?
2. How many days and nights has the volcano been erupting?
3. Around how many people have been affected by the lava and poisonous gas?
4. How many homes has the lava at least destroyed?
5. Complete the phrasal verb the reporter uses: This community is locked ____.
6. What phrasal verb does the reporter use: The warnings tell residents to get _____ the area.
7. Are police going in to get people out of the area?
8. As the reporter is flying over the area, are homes continuing to burn?
9. What word does the reporter use to describe the "force" of the volcano?
10. Was the lava beginning to envelope the car?
11. Did some lava rise more than 200 feet in the air?
12. Over the weekend, the big island was ____ by hundreds of earthquakes.
13. What poetic device is used here in the comparison of the earth and Goliath (the giant)? The earthquake was like a Goliath.
14. Complete the question: Why did you _____ to stay?
15. Complete the statement: The lava is ____ no signs of slowing down.
16. True or False? Sulphur Dioxide is a gas emitted by the volcano.
17. Can sulphur dioxide cause death?
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This video is targeted more at students at an
early-intermediate to an intermediate level, not
at a beginner level.