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How to clean painted walls

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1. First we mix water, ________________.
2. Why should wring out the sponge?
3. A drippy sponge will _______________ your walls with lines of dripping water.
4. Can I use this mixture with all kinds of latex paint?
5. I use the sponge to _________________ the dirt.
6. After I wipe the walls, I need to ____________ the sponge.
7. Before cleaning around electrical outlets, we might want to ______________ the electricity.
8. If I clean an electrical outlet with a wet sponge, what might happen?
9. If I wipe the walls with a sponge and this mixture, most marks should ______________.
10. Do I have to repaint?
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Complete the sentences using the words below.
off marks Wet avoid mess tablespoons painted