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73 Questions With Gal Gadot | Vogue

Watch the video and choose the correct answers.

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1.) What is the first question the interviewer asks?
2.) What does Gal drink every morning?
3. Where is Gal from?
4. What's Gal's secret to fighting jet lag when she's travels?
5. What does "yalla" mean?
6. What are Gal's favorite sports?
7. What does Gal want the audience to take away from her film, "Wonder Woman 1984"?
8. When Gal gets good news or bad news, who are the first people she calls?
9. What's a song she can't stop singing?
10. When does Gal feel most beautiful?
11. Gal is drawn to what kind of look?
12. Where did she meet her husband?
13. What do Gal and her husband like to do when they're together?
14. What would her husband say is her best quality?
15. What's something that her kids do that really makes her laugh?
16.) Would Gal rather go sky diving or scuba diving?
17. Is Gal and early bird or a night owl?
18. Prior to acting, what was Gal doing in life?
- [Interviewer] Hey there, I am here to see Gal.
- Hi.
- Where's Gal?
- Perfect, she's gonna be right this way.
- [Interviewer] Let's go! Here we are, Gal, "73 Questions".
- Hey, how are you? - Let's do it. Shalom. - Good to see you.
- Thank you very much, - Shalom.
- Good to see you.
- How have you been?
- [Interviewer] I'm so excited for this.
- Me too, It's great.
- [Interviewer] Aw, man!
- I've been waiting for you.
- [Interviewer] This is gonna be good. My first question, let's get it out of the way.
- Yes.
- [Interviewer] How are you feeling right now?
- I'm great, how are you?
- [Interviewer] I'm good!
- Good!
- [Interviewer] I couldn't be better, I'm with you! I'm catching you right before your "Vogue" cover style.
- I know.
- [Interviewer] Lucky me!
- Lucky me.
- [Interviewer] And besides that, what's an exciting thing going on in life right now?
- I'm shooting a new movie. "Red Notice" with Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds and it's a lot of fun.
- [Interviewer] Must be funny being with those guys.
- Yes.
- [Interviewer] And is there anything missing in life right now?
- Are you kidding me? Look at us, no, everything is great.
- [Interviewer] Pretty perfect. Now how do you start most mornings, when you're at home?
- I woke up, I washed my face and all that. Then I always drink a tablespoon of apple vinegar, water and coffee. And workout.
- [Interviewer] Okay, and how often are you getting back to Israel?
- As often as I can, but not enough. Not often enough.
- [Interviewer] What do you miss most about Israel?
- My family, my friends.
- [Interviewer] Well I thought you'd miss these, that's why I brought them to you.
- Oh wow, where'd you get this?
- [Interviewer] I have my ways.
- Oh my God it's Israeli chocolate. Thank you so much, I'll share.
- [Interviewer] Make you feel at home a little bit right now. All right, so Israel is up there on my places to go. What should I do when I go? One thing, what's the one thing?
- One thing you should do in Israel, you should go to Tel Aviv and go to a restaurant on the beach. There's so many and they're all great.
- [Interviewer] And what's unique about Israeli culture?
- It's like one big melting pot. With people from so many different places and different cultures and flavors.
- [Interviewer] And when you go home, what food is waiting for you on the table?
- I love Shakshuka on a Saturday morning. It's delicious, it's like tomatoes with garlic and eggs and feta cheese it's delicious.
- [Interviewer] That sounds so good. Now what's the secret to fighting jet lag when you travel?
- Drink loads of water. And I guess just be out in the sun, vitamin D.
- [Interviewer] How many languages can you speak?
- Two.
- [Interviewer] Okay, can you teach me some Hebrew?
- Sure.
- [Interviewer] Let's do it.
- Can you say sababa?
- [Interviewer] Sababa.
- Nice, yes, sababa is cool.
- [Interviewer] Cool.
- Awesome.
- [Interviewer] All right, well my next question was can you teach me a slang word? But I guess that may do it. What else?
- What else? Say yalla, It's a really easy one.
- [Interviewer] Yalla.
- Yeah, it's like in Hebrew and Arabic, it means let's go, let's do it.
- [Interviewer] Okay and what's a tongue twister in Hebrew that you can share with me? Come on.
- Salla shalla shir sameh'ach, shir sameh'ach shalla Salla. Now you go.
- [Interviewer] Shalla salla shalla.
- Almost, good enough, good enough. Oh they're ready for us.
- Okay.
- Do you wanna come do the fittings?
- [Interviewer] Let's do the fittings.
- Let's go, yalla.
- [Interviewer] Yalla, yalla. Gal, what's your favorite sport?
- Basketball, dodge ball. I love dodge ball.
- [Interviewer] Favorite board game?
- Definitely Rummikub.
- [Interviewer] What was your immediate reaction when you were approached about the role of Wonder Woman?
- Ah!
- [Interviewer] And as you know, it did pretty well in the Box Office, not too shabby.
- I know. - How did that feel?
- Oh my God it was amazing, incredible.
- [Interviewer] Now let me fan off for a second by saying that the trailer for "Wonder Woman 1984", made me scream, just like you. Ah! What inside info can you tell me about that movie? Give me something good.
- You know I can't.
- Gal, Gal! - You know I can't. You're gotta just wait a little bit longer before you go see the movie.
- [Interviewer] Don't disappoint me, Gal. Don't disappoint me. All right, so what do you want audiences to take away from that film?
- First of all I want them to just enjoy the movie, and maybe think about the narrative of the movie afterwards.
- [Interviewer] Did immersing yourself in the 80's make you more or less nostalgic for the past?
- More.
- [Interviewer] Everyone loves the 80's.
- Exactly, it's such a great decade.
- [Interviewer] What traits does a character need to have in order for you to portray them?
- It's not so much about the traits as much as it's about the context.
- [Interviewer] Hm.
- Yeah.
- [Interviewer] And when do you know a part is perfect for you?
- When I love the script, I love the film-maker and I'm intrigued by the character.
- [Interviewer] Okay there's a bank heist.
- Yes.
- [Interviewer] Who'd be your partner in crime, who is it?
- My husband, definitely, Yaron.
- [Interviewer] Okay there's good new or bad news, who's the person you first call?
- My husband and my mother.
- [Interviewer] Okay, what's the weirdest thing you've ever read about yourself?
- That I look like a broom.
- [Interviewer] You do not look like a broom.
- Thank you, I appreciate that.
- [Interviewer] I'm here to validate the
fact that I do not see you as a broom.
- Thank you.
- [Interviewer] What's the best book you've read recently?
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