A Typical Day of a Medical School Student

Quiz by: rmd
Description: This video shows Jamie's typical day of medical school. Practice many different verbs in the third person singular (simple present).
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1. Jamie _____ a medical student.
2. These are some of the things she _______ each day.
3. She ___________ up early.
4. She __________ her teeth.
5. She ________ coffee.
6. She _________ to the gym.
7. She _________. She jogs. She runs. She works out.
8. She ________ a protein drink. She makes a smoothie.
9. She ______ breakfast.
10. She ______ to school.
11. She ________ before class.
12. She ______ her water bottle with water. She drinks water. She hydrates.
13. She ______ a class in the afternoon.
14. She ______ at school all day.
15. After school, she _______ home.
16. At home, she _________ homework.
17. She has dinner and _________ TV.
18. After dinner, she ______ more homework.
19. She _______ with her family and friends.
20. Finally, she _______ to sleep.
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Complete the sentences using the words below.
brushes makes has studies stays chats is does watches fills drives exercises goes does wakes