Lesson 9: Is It Cold? | ESL Video

Lesson 9: Is It Cold?

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Description: VOA Let's Learn English: Anna wants to know about the weather in Washington, D.C. She asks her phone. The phone tells her about the weather - but is the phone right?
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1. The weather in Washington, D.C. _____________________.
2. What is the temperature?
3. According to the phone, is it windy today?
4. According to the phone, is it snowy today?
5. Where is it warm and sunny?
6.) Why should you check the forecast?
Anna: Oh, hi, everyone! Here in Washington, DC, the weather changes often. One day
is cold and windy. But the next day is warm and sunny! So, every day I check the
forecast. Hello, Phone? What is today’s temperature?
Phone: Today it is 18 degrees ...
Anna: Eighteen degrees! That is cold!
Phone: … eighteen degrees Celsius.
Anna: Oh, Celsius. That is 65 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s warm.
Phone: Yes, Anna. It is warm.
Anna: Excuse me, Phone. Is it windy today?
Phone: No, it is not windy today.
Anna: Is it sunny today?
Phone: Yes, Anna. It is sunny.
Anna: Excuse me, Phone?
Phone: Yes, Anna.
Anna: Is it snowy today?
Phone: No, Anna. It is not snowy.
Anna: Thank you, Phone!
Anna: Today the weather is warm and sunny -- great for seeing Washington, D.C.
Anna: Phone! It is not warm and sunny! It is cold and windy and snowy!
Phone: Anna, it is not cold, windy, or snowy. It is warm and sunny … in Mexico City,
Anna: Oh. I see. Mexico.
Anna: Washington weather changes often. Remember to check the forecast -- the right
Phone: Yes, Anna. Next time remember to check the right fore…
Anna: Okay, thank you Phone. Goodbye, Phone.
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Complete these sentences with the words in the box.
weather       check the forecast       sunny       is not       degrees       warm       snowy       windy       temperature       changes


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Let's Talk!

1.) What is the weather like today?
2.) Do you prefer warm and sunny days, or cool and windy days?
3.) What do you like to do on rainy days?

Exploring Weather Changes with Anna in Washington, DC

Join Anna as she navigates the unpredictable weather in Washington, DC. This ESL video provides a fun way to learn about weather vocabulary and the importance of checking the forecast.

Learn about different weather conditions, temperature units, and how to ask questions about the weather. Perfect for ESL learners looking to improve their conversational skills.

This video is ideal for beginning ESL students interested in expanding their vocabulary and practicing the Present Simple tense. Use it in the classroom for engaging discussions and vocabulary building activities.



Present Simple


weather changes

weather vocabulary


Discussion Questions

1.) What is the weather like today?
2.) Do you prefer warm and sunny days, or cool and windy days?
3.) What do you like to do on rainy days?