Lesson 10: Come Over to My Place | ESL Video

Lesson 10: Come Over to My Place

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Description: Ashley is visiting Anna. She calls to find out how to go to Anna's apartment. Ashley learns about Anna's neighborhood.
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1. Who is coming over?
2. Anna's apartment is near the Columbia Heights _____________.
3. Anna tells her friend to exit the metro, then __________, then walk straight ahead.
4. Anna's apartment is ________________ a big department store.
5. What does Anna love?
Anna: Hi! Today, my friend Ashley, is coming over. I am showing her my new apartment!
Oh! That’s Ashley calling.
Anna: Hi Ashley!
Ashley: Hi Anna! I’m coming to your apartment. Where is your apartment?
Anna: My apartment is near the Columbia Heights Metro.
Ashley: It is near the Columbia Heights Metro?
Anna: Yes. Exit the Metro and turn right. Then at the bus station turn left. Then walk
straight ahead.
Ashley: Okay. Exit Metro, turn right, turn left, then go straight ahead?
Anna: Yes. My apartment is near a coffee shop.
Ashley: Okay. See you soon!
Anna: Hi, Ashley.
Ashley: Anna, Which coffee shop? There are three coffee shops.
Anna: Okay, my apartment is across from a big department store.
Ashley: A big department store? Ah, I see it!
Anna: Okay! Bye, Ashley. See you soon!
Ashley: Okay. See you soon.
Anna: Ashley! Ashley! Ashley! Over here! It’s Anna! It’s Anna! Hi!
Anna: I love having my friends over. Come on!
Ashley: Great!
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Complete these sentences with the words in the box.
Where is your       her       which       straight ahead       here       turn right       near       is across from


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Let's Talk!

1.) Do you live near a cafe?
2.) How often do you invite people to come over to your house?

Exploring Anna's Neighborhood: A Visit to a Friend's Apartment

Join Anna and Ashley on a journey to Anna's new apartment in Lesson 10: Come Over to My Place. This video is a great opportunity for ESL learners to practice vocabulary related to directions, locations, and landmarks.

Learn how to give and follow directions, describe locations, and identify common landmarks in a neighborhood. Perfect for improving conversational skills and expanding vocabulary.

This video is ideal for beginning ESL learners who want to enhance their speaking skills and vocabulary. Use it in the classroom for engaging discussions and vocabulary practice.



Present Simple





Discussion Questions

1.) Do you live near a cafe?
2.) How often do you invite people to come over to your house?




coffee shop

department store


bus station

straight ahead

across from