Lesson 20: What Can You Do? | ESL Video

Lesson 20: What Can You Do?

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Description: VOA Let's Learn English: Anna meets her friend Pete in a coffee shop. Pete needs a job. Can Anna help him to find the right job for him?
Low Intermediate
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1. What does Anna say to Pete?
2. Why is Pete sad?
3. What does Anna say everyone has?
4. What mistake does Pete make when Anna asks if he can write code?
5. What does Pete ask to show he does not understand?
6. Why can't Pete be a taxi driver?
7. How many followers does Pete have?
8. What does Pete do that surprises Anna?
9. What does Pete decide to become by the end of the conversation?
Anna: Hi, there! Washington, D.C. is a great place to work. Many people here work
in government and politics. But there are many other jobs. You can work at a
hospital; a university. You can work in a coffee shop. Wait a minute, I think I
see a friend of mine. Pete? Is that you?
Pete: Hi, Anna.
Anna: You look different. Your beard … is really big.
Pete: You don’t like it, do you?
Anna: No, no. You just look … different.
(To server) Thank you. So, what’s wrong? You look sad.
Pete: I don’t have a job.
Anna: Sorry, I can’t hear you.
Pete: I do not have a job!
Anna: Oh. I’m sorry to hear that, Pete.
Pete: I don’t have a skill.
Anna: Everyone has a skill. You need to find yours.
Pete: I don’t know, Anna.
Anna: Pete, I am good at asking questions. Let me ask you some.
Pete: Really, Anna? Can you help me?
Anna: Yes, I can. Let me help.
Pete: Sure, Anna. Maybe you can help.
Anna: Can you write code?
Pete: Sure, c-o-l-d. How is this going to help?
Anna: No, not “cold.” Code; you know, for making phone apps, or websites. You can
make tons of money writing code.
Pete: Tons of money? But I can’t code.
Anna: Next question. Can you drive?
Pete: Do you mean drive a race car? It’s really hard to be a race car driver.
Pete: First, you need a race car ...
Anna: No, I mean drive a taxi or drive a bus.
Pete: No, I always fall asleep when I drive.
Anna: Oh, that’s not good. Next question. Can you teach? You can be a teacher in a
Pete: No, I cannot teach.
Anna: Can you cook? You can be a chef in a restaurant.
Pete: No, I can’t code! I can’t teach! I can’t cook! Anna, I can’t do anything. This is
sad. I’m gonna write about my feelings in my blog.
Anna: You write a blog?
Pete: Yeah, I write a blog.
Anna: How many followers do you have?
Pete: I don’t know … 59,538.
Anna: Pete, that’s a lot of followers! You can make money writing!
Pete: Writing is easy. Everyone can write.
Anna: Not everyone can write well. You can be a writer!
Pete: I can be a writer. I can be a writer! I can be a writer! Thanks, Anna.
Marsha: Hi, Pete. Hi, Anna.
Pete: Hi, Marsha. Excuse me, I have to go.
Marsha: Where are you going?
Pete: I’m going to be a writer!
Marsha: Good luck, Pete!
(To Anna) He does know that it’s not easy to be a writer, doesn’t he?
Anna: There are many different jobs you can have in Washington, D.C. Pete wants to
be a writer. I wish him luck. Lots of luck. Until next time!
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Complete these sentences with the words in the box.
make money       different       code       you mean       I mean       can be a       cannot       that’s not good       can write       can       don’t have       can write well       can’t       has       don’t know       I can’t hear       jobs       what’s wrong       blog       59538


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Let's Talk!

1.) Can you drive?
2.) Can you cook?
3.) Can you speak English?

Helping Pete Find His Passion: A Career Exploration Journey

Join Anna and Pete on a journey to discover Pete's true passion and potential career path. In this heartwarming video, Anna helps Pete realize his talent for writing and encourages him to pursue his dream of becoming a writer.

Follow along as Anna guides Pete through a series of questions to uncover his skills and interests. Learn about the different job opportunities available in Washington, D.C. and how to find your true calling.

This video is perfect for ESL learners at a low-intermediate level who are interested in exploring different career options and improving their vocabulary related to jobs and skills. Use this video as a starting point for discussions on career aspirations and personal strengths.





Career exploration



Job opportunities


Discussion Questions

1.) Can you drive?
2.) Can you cook?
3.) Can you speak English?