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Kernel the Great Dane

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Description: An elderly couple’s serendipitous encounter with a dog on a hike ended up being so much more meaningful than any of them could have imagined. ❤️
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1. What kind of dog did the elderly couple encounter while hiking in Boston?
2. What is the name of the Great Dane mentioned in the story?
3. What does Alyssa do for a living?
4. How did Alyssa introduce the elderly couple to Kernel?
5. How did the elderly couple feel about Kernel the Great Dane?
6. Why did Kernel's grandma come to the trail alone one day?
7. What did Alyssa suggest to Kernel's grandma when she found her alone on the trail?
8. How often does Kernel's grandma join for a hike now?
9. What does Kernel's grandma love taking pictures of during the hikes?
10. What did Kernel's grandma do on Mother's Day?
An elderly couple was hiking in Boston
when they came across a massive Great Dane
and they had no idea how consequential
that chance encounter would end up being.

Colonel, the Great Dane's human, Alyssa,
runs an off-leash dog walking program in the area.
On one of their walks, Alyssa noticed
how the couple was laughing together
while watching Colonel and she introduced them.

From then on they saw each other on the trail
all the time and the couple started
to feel like Colonel's adopted grandparents.
But one day Alyssa came across grandma on the trail
and she was all by herself.

She explained that her husband had passed away
and that she'd actually come out to the trail
specifically looking for Colonel, seeking
some comfort and companionship.

Alyssa, who lost her mother at a young age
and is no stranger to loss, immediately suggested
that they exchange information.
So now Colonel's Grandma joins for a hike
every single week.

As a former professional photographer,
she loves taking pictures of Colonel
and sometimes of Huckleberry the Hedgehog.
The weekly hikes give her a fulfilling routine
and a sense of belonging.

On Mother's Day, grandma invited Colonel and Alyssa over for dinner,
giving Alyssa that sense of belonging in return.

I'm Jen, and I post something positive every day.
You can see more of this friendship on Colonel's account,
which is tagged and in the caption.
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Complete these sentences with the words in the box.
every single week       seeking       all by herself       the couple       sense of belonging       lost her mother       area       former       encounter       grandparents       fulfilling


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Let's Talk!

1.) Have you ever met someone unexpectedly who became a good friend? If so, how did you meet?

Heartwarming Story of Kernel the Great Dane and His Adopted Grandparents

Join us in the heartwarming tale of Kernel the Great Dane, Alyssa, and an elderly couple who found unexpected companionship on a hiking trail. This video showcases the power of friendship and the joy it brings to our lives.

Watch as Kernel brings together unlikely friends and creates a bond that transcends age and loss. Learn new vocabulary related to friendship, loss, and companionship while being inspired by the kindness shared in this story.

This video is perfect for ESL learners at an intermediate level who want to explore themes of friendship, loss, and belonging. Use this video as a discussion starter in your classroom to engage students in meaningful conversations about the importance of human connections.



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Discussion Questions

1.) Have you ever met someone unexpectedly who became a good friend? If so, how did you meet?