Lesson 21: Can You Come to the Party? | ESL Video

Lesson 21: Can You Come to the Party?

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Description: VOA Let's Learn English: Anna meets her friend Marsha in a coffee shop. Marsha asks Anna to come to a party. But Anna has to take a driving test. Can Anna come to the party?
Low Intermediate
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1. What does Marsha want Anna to do?
2. When is the party?
3. Can Anna go to the party?
4. What does Anna have to do when she goes to the party?
5. Anna has to ______________.
Anna: Hi there! Washington, D.C. has some great coffee shops. My favorite is this one -- Busboys & Poets.
Actually it’s more than a coffee shop. It’s also a bookstore, a restaurant and a theater!
Marsha and I love coming here.
Marsha: Hey, Anna, my friend is having a party on Saturday. Can you come with me?
Anna: Sorry, I can’t come with you. I have to get my driver’s license.
Marsha: Will you be busy all day?
Anna: I don’t know. First, I have to take a test on the computer. Then I have to take a test in the car.
Marsha: But you have to take the test during the day, don’t you?
Anna: Yes.
Marsha: The party is at night.
Anna: Oh. Then I can come with you to the party on Saturday night.
Marsha: Great! I have to help my friend with the party. Can you help me?
Anna: Sure. That sounds like fun.
Marsha: Everyone has to bring something or do something. You can bring food, or you can perform.
Anna: Really, I can perform?
Marsha: You can! Can you?
Anna: Yes! I can recite poetry. (Anna is in a club reciting a poem)
- A poem - Light dark Light dark Darkness Dark
Marsha: In this country, nobody recites poetry at parties. Um ... can you do anything else?
Anna: Hmm, yes. I can do a card trick. (Anna is doing a card trick)
Your card is the 10 of diamonds! No? Pick a card. Any card.
Here, just pick this one.
Marsha: Anna, maybe you can just bring food.
Anna: No, I can’t cook. And I really want to perform. You know, there is one thing I can do. (Anna plays a song on the ukulele and sings)
Trouble in mind. I’m blue...
But I won’t be blue always
The sun’s gonna shine in my back door some day.
Marsha: That’s it! You can sing at the party. Now, I have to go shopping for food.
Anna: Can I help? I’m not busy right now.
Marsha: Sure, let’s go!
Anna: We have to go. I have to help Marsha shop. And I have to practice my song!
Trouble in mind. I’m blue... Until next time!
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Complete these sentences with the words in the box.
get       I really want to       have to       else       trick       on       sounds like fun       love       Then       perform       at night       bring       recite


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Let's Talk!

1.) What do you have to do tomorrow?
2.) Can you go to a party on Saturday night?

Can You Come to the Party? A Fun ESL Video Quiz for Friends

Join us in this engaging ESL video quiz where you'll learn how to politely decline or accept invitations to social events. Enhance your vocabulary and practice using the Present Simple tense in everyday conversations.

In this video, you'll practice common phrases related to inviting and declining invitations to parties. Improve your English skills while learning how to express availability and excitement for upcoming events.

This video is perfect for ESL learners at a low-intermediate level who want to expand their vocabulary and practice using the Present Simple tense in context. Use this resource for classroom activities or self-study to boost your conversational skills.



Present Simple


party planning

social events

future plans,

Discussion Questions

1.) What do you have to do tomorrow?
2.) Can you go to a party on Saturday night?









driver's license




have to