Lesson 23: What Do You Want? | ESL Video

Lesson 23: What Do You Want?

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Description: VOA Let's Learn English: Anna and her boss go on a trip around the world. That is, they eat foods from around the world. Where will they find all these foods?
Low Intermediate
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1. What kind of food will they have for lunch?
2. What time is it now?
3. Why does Anna say “We have to go?”
4. How much money did Ms. Weaver give the characters to buy food?
5. What does Jonathan order?
6. What does Jonathan say to ask for food?
7. How much does Jonathan's food cost?
8. What did Anna order?

Anna: Washington, D.C. has great food from all over the world.
Today I'm having lunch with my boss. Ms. Weaver says we're going on a trip around the world. But she knows I only have an hour for lunch! Silly woman.
Jonathan: Hi, Anna!
Anna: Hi Jonathan! Hey, we are meeting Ms. Weaver for lunch at noon, aren't we?
Jonathan: Yes.
Anna: What time is it now?
Jonathan: 11:50.
Anna: 11:50! We have to go!
Jonathan: Okay.

Anna: Hi! So, where is this world food restaurant?
Caty: We're not eating at a restaurant.
Anna: Where are we eating?
Caty: We are eating at ... food trucks!
Anna: Food trucks ... awesome! What's a food truck?
Caty: These are food trucks!
Anna: Wow!
Jonathan: Whoa!
Caty: Okay, Jonathan, you will buy the first dish. Here is $10. Surprise us!
Jonathan: Okay, I'll be back in 15 minutes.
Anna: What country do I want to visit?
Caty: Anna, you pick the second country. Here is $10.
Anna: I want chicken.
Caty: The food truck, over there, has great chicken.
Anna: Awesome!
Caty: After you buy your food, meet me here.
Jonathan: Excuse me, I'll have the shrimp.
Oh, you're out of shrimp. Okay, I'll have the beef then.
Anna: Hello. I want the chicken dish.
We're out of chicken.
Anna: You're out of chicken.
Worker: Yep.
Anna: I'll try another food truck. Thanks!
Worker: You're welcome.
Jonathan: Okay, here is your change. The dish is $7. So, here is 1, 2, 3 dollars back from your 10.
Caty: Great.
Jonathan: Where's Anna? Is she dancing by that food truck?
Caty: Yes. Yes, she is.
Anna: Ms. Weaver, here is your change. The dish costs $5. So - $5 back.
Caty: Thanks, Anna. But where is the food?
Anna: I'm eating it. The Peruvian chicken is delicious! Try some!

Caty: Well, we still have $8! What do you want now?
Anna: We can buy dessert!
Caty: I'll buy dessert.
Anna: In Washington, D.C., you can travel around the world ... with food trucks! And it
does not cost a lot. Until next time!
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Complete these sentences with the words in the box.
back       trip             chicken       I'll be back       delicious       out of       noon       food trucks       shrimp       not


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Let's Talk!

1.) Do you think eating at food trucks is a good way to experience different cultures?
2.) What is your favorite dish from your country?

Exploring World Cuisine: A Food Truck Adventure for ESL Learners

Join Anna and her boss on a culinary journey around the world through food trucks in Washington, D.C. This video provides a fun and engaging way for ESL learners to learn about different cuisines and cultural experiences.

In this video, Anna and her boss explore various food trucks to sample dishes from different countries. You'll learn vocabulary related to food, ordering, and cultural experiences. This is a great resource for English learners looking to expand their culinary vocabulary.

This video is suitable for ESL learners at a low-intermediate level who are interested in food and culture. It's perfect for classroom use as a discussion starter or for vocabulary building activities.



Present Simple


food trucks

world cuisine

culinary journey

Discussion Questions

1.) Do you think eating at food trucks is a good way to experience different cultures?
2.) What is your favorite dish from your country?


food trucks