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Lesson 26: This Game Is Fun!

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Description: Anna plays the new video game, "Catch Americana," and learns more about U.S. Presidents. She also learns to watch where she walks!
Low Intermediate
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1. What do you win when you play this game?
2. What is the fun fact about President Roosevelt?
3. What symbol did Anna find at the Lincoln Memorial?
4. What is the fun fact about Abraham Lincoln?
5. What does liberty mean?
6. Why does Dan say Anna's name is like Americana?
7. How many points did Anna win?
8. At the end of the video, what symbol do Anna and Dan look for?
9. What does "look out" mean?
10. What does Anna say when she walks into the tree?
Anna: This is the Roosevelt Memorial. Where is the symbol?
Dan: You have to find things that aren't really there. ... When you find an American symbol, you win points and a Fun Fact about a U.S. President.
Anna: Yay! I found Uncle Sam and I won another 40 points! What is the Fun Fact?
Voice: Franklin Roosevelt was the first to fly in a plane as president!
Anna: I didn't know that. This is a really beautiful memorial.

Anna: This is the Lincoln Memorial! Where is the symbol? I found it! The Statue of Liberty! Please give me my Fun Fact.
Voice: Abraham Lincoln was a great wrestler!
Anna: I didn't know that. Lincoln wanted freedom for all people. So, the Statue of Liberty works well. And I won 20 points! Time to find the next symbol.

Dan: Hey! Look out!
Anna: Sorry. Hey, it's you! Now, I should be more careful.
Dan: That’s okay.
Anna: This game is a lot of fun. Hey, what’s your name?
Dan: Dan. What’s yours?
Anna: Anna.
Dan: Like Americana!
Anna: Yeah, I guess so.
Dan: Did you find any symbols?
Anna: Yes, I found three and won 120 points!
Dan: Me too. But, did you find the bald eagle?
Anna: No. Did you?
Dan: No.
Anna: First one to find it wins?
Dan: Anna, look out for that tree!
Anna: I learned a lot about presidents with this game. But I ought to be more careful. Until next time …!
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Complete these sentences with the words in the box.
plane       have to       symbol       Look out       Liberty       freedom       memorial       should be       found


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Let's Talk!

1.) What did Abraham Lincoln want for all people?
2.) What fun fact did Anna learn about President Rosevelt?
3.) What does "watch out!" mean?

Discovering U.S. Presidents Through 'Catch Americana' Game

Join Anna on a fun adventure as she plays the 'Catch Americana' game and learns interesting facts about U.S. Presidents. This video is a great resource for ESL learners looking to improve their vocabulary and knowledge of American history.

In this video, Anna explores famous American symbols and wins points by discovering them. Through this interactive game, she learns fascinating Fun Facts about U.S. Presidents and their contributions to history.

'Catch Americana' is ideal for ESL students at a low-intermediate level who want to engage in a fun and educational activity. Teachers can use this video as a classroom resource for vocabulary building and grammar practice.



Past Simple


U.S. Presidents

American symbols

Fun Facts

interactive game

Discussion Questions

1.) What did Abraham Lincoln want for all people?
2.) What fun fact did Anna learn about President Rosevelt?
3.) What does "watch out!" mean?