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Lesson 27: I'm sick.

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Description: Anna does not feel well. She calls her boss and her doctor. What do they tell her to do? And will she follow their advice?
Low Intermediate
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1. Why is Anna not doing anything in Washington, D.C. today?
2. What does Anna tell her boss?
3. What did Anna do yesterday morning?
4. What advice does Caty give Anna?
5. What symptoms does Anna have?
6. What is the temperature of Anna's coffee?
7. What does Dr. Bennett tell Anna to do because she is sick?
8. When does Dr. Bennett say Anna can go back to work?
9. What is going to do while she is home sick?
Anna: Hello! I am sure that today, in Washington, D.C., there are a lot of great things to do. But I am not doing any of them. I am sick. Right now, I’m going to call my boss and tell her I cannot come in to work.
Caty: Hello?
Anna: Ms. Weaver, Hi. I can’t come to work today.
Caty: Why not? What is wrong?
Anna: Well, yesterday I felt fine. In the morning, I painted for hours. In the afternoon, I cut wood. Then, I built a fire.
Caty: Anna, what do you mean? Why can’t you come to work today?
Anna: I do not feel well. I think I’m sick.
Caty: I’m sorry to hear that. I was sick last week, too. I had the flu.
Anna: (sneezes) What did you do?
Caty: I slept a lot and I drank a lot of water. Do you have a doctor?
Anna: Yes, I do.
Caty: You should call your doctor. And get lots of rest!
Anna: Thanks, Ms. Weaver. I’ll call right now. I’m calling my doctor.
Dr. Bennett: (to herself) Now, where does this thing go?
Dr. Bennett: Hello. This is Dr. Bennett. How can I help you?
Anna: Hello, Dr. Bennett. This is Anna.
Dr. Bennett: Oh, Hi, Anna. How can I help you?
Anna: I think I’m sick.
Dr. Bennett: Let me ask you a couple of questions. Do you have a sore throat?
Anna: Yes. I have a sore throat.
Dr. Bennett: Do you have a cough?
Anna: Yes. I have a cough.
Dr. Bennett: When did you start feeling sick?
Anna: This morning. Yesterday I felt great. In the morning I painted, for hours - in the afternoon I cut wood....
Dr. Bennett: Excuse me, Anna. But I don’t need to know all that. Do you have a fever?
Anna: Oh. My thermometer says 125 degrees?! What??
Dr. Bennett: Yeah, that’s not right.
Anna: Oh. Wait. The thermometer was in my hot cup of coffee.
Dr. Bennett: Please take it again, Anna.
Anna: Okay, the thermometer says 100.5 degrees.
Dr. Bennett: 100.5 degrees is not too high. I want you to drink lots of water. Rest in bed and get lots of sleep.
Anna: That is what my boss said to do. Um, Dr. Bennett, when can I go to work?
Dr. Bennett: Don’t go to work for a couple of days.
Anna: Yes! I mean, I don’t want to make my co-workers sick.
Dr. Bennett: That’s right. Call me back in a couple of days.
Anna: I will, Dr. Bennett. And thanks.
Anna: Well, you heard the doctor – no work for a couple of days. I need water, sleep and um … lots of movies! Well, the doctor didn’t say anything about movies. But it can’t hurt! Until next time!
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Complete these sentences with the words in the box.
had the flu       should call       did you do       cannot come       slept drank       wrong       I felt great       do not feel well       can’t come       sore throat       cough       fever


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Let's Talk!

1.) How do you feel today?
2.) When you feel sick, what do you do?
3.) What was the last time you were sick?
4.) What were your symptoms?

Dealing with Sickness: Calling work and Calling the Doctor

In this video, Anna is feeling unwell and seeks advice from her boss and doctor. Learn about common symptoms and how to take care of yourself when you're sick.

This video focuses on vocabulary related to health and wellness, as well as common phrases used when calling in sick. It's a great resource for ESL learners looking to improve their conversational skills in discussing health issues.

This video is suitable for ESL learners at a low-intermediate level who want to expand their vocabulary and practice using the Present Simple tense. It can be used in the classroom for discussions on health and wellness or as a warm-up activity.



Past Simple



health vocabulary

calling in sick

present simple tense


Discussion Questions

1.) How do you feel today?
2.) When you feel sick, what do you do?
3.) What was the last time you were sick?
4.) What were your symptoms?













sore throat