Lasagna Recipe Listening Comprehension | ESL Video

Lasagna Recipe Listening Comprehension

Quiz by: blabla    

Description: Listening comprehension practice with a lasagna recipe that will make your mouth water.
High Intermediate
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<Pre-listening Question> 1. By looking at the picture on the video, what do think will be on the video?
<Pre-listening Question> 2. Which tradition do you think Lasagna comes from?
<Structure Pattern Question> 3. What is the purpose of this video?
<Structure Pattern Question> 4. How is this video structured?
<Vocabulary Question> 5. Which word is synonymous with 'simmer'?
<Vocabulary Question> 6. What does 'diced' mean in the video?
7. What ingredient do we roughly chop up?
8. What ingredient is recommended to be of highest quality?
9. According to the speaker, what are the two keys to the greatest lasagna?
10. When is the best time to eat Lasagna?
11. Which statement is true for making lasagna?
12. Why does the speaker mention the saying, "if you can use a grater then you should be a hater"?
13. Where are the lasagna noodles boiled in?
14. Which sentence structure is incorrect?
15. In what order was the meat sauce made?
<Bonus Question> 16. How many layers of sauce, cheese and noodles are there in the lasagna?
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