Weapons: SRAW

Quiz by: sharkito

Marines in the field now have the light weapon they need to defeat all ground targets at short to medium ranges.

It's called the Short-Range Assault Weapon (SRAW) 35 inches long and weighing less than 22 pounds, this shoulder-launched weapon can defeat any armour threat in the world along with urban targets.

The weapon comes in 2 variants. Variant 1, called the SRAW Predator, is designed to defeat the most heavily armour threats, while version 2, the SRAW multi-purpose variant, can defeat all fortified positions and light armor.
Both variants can be fired from anywhere on the battlefield, including from within enclosed spaces
This is a fire-and-forget weapon for both moving and stationary targets, the operator tracks the target for 2 seconds, fires and the weapon does the rest.

The first stage of the weapon 2 stage rocket model launches the weapon and the second stage provides terminal missile velocity to the target. The on-board inertial guidance compensates for wind, range and target movement throughout the missile's flight.

Variant 1, the SRAW predator is effective against stationary targets at ranges from 17 to 600 metres and moving targets from 17 to 200 m.
The operator does not need to lead the moving target, just track it two seconds before firing
Shortly after launch, the S predator rises to 2.75 metres above the line of sight as it streaks toward the tank target.
Once over the tank, the on-board fusing fires an explosively-formed penetrator at the most vulnerable point on the target.

Variant 2, the SRAW Multiple-purpose variant has a range of 25 to 600 m against stationary targets and 25 to 200 metres for moving ones. Again,the operator does not need to lead a moving target, just track it for 2 seconds
The SARW MP variant is fired in the same way as the S Predator round. It flies directly along the gunner's line of sight. When the missile's dual mode fuse, sent at a hard target, such as this triple brick wall, it detonates upon impact.

The same fuse model is used against lively army targets, such as this M1-13 vehicle. When it encounters a soft target, such as a sand bank horizontal bunker the fuse delays a fraction of a second so the round can penetrate before it detonates.
The marines now have the only true fire from enclosure light weapon capable of defeating all ground targets.