TED: The Human Voice

Quiz by: Louise170

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Тема: How to speak so that people want to listen
Цель: развитие умений и механизмов аудирования
(понимание детальной информации, вероятностное
Целевая аудитория: 10-11 класс, B1
Предполагаемое время: 10 минут
1) Have you ever had the experience that when you
speak, people don't listen to you? If yes, why do
you think it happens? How do you think you can
change the situation?
2)Do you agree with the following statement?
"The human voice is the most powerful sound in the
world". Why/why not?
2)You are going to watch a video "How to speak so
that people want to listen" and answer the
questions to it. Read the
questions and think what information you should
listen for.
Now watch the video and answer the questions.
You can watch the video twice.