The Obesity Epidemic

JOURNALIST 1 : American are not winning their battle against obesity.
JOURNALIST 2 : It’s officially the biggest health crisis in American history .
JOURNALIST 3 : Nutritionists say obesity is the biggest threat to public health in the last thirty years.
Obesity rates for kids have tripled.
PERSON 1 : It’s not a good situation.
PERSON 2 : I don't’ wanna be the fat guy ….the typical fat guy who died .
PERSON 3 : Think about an alternative but if you give them the education maybe they would have the information to make the alternative choice , the healthier choice.
JOURNALIST 4 : Big Corporations are raking in the dough from the fattening of America and not only are politicians not stopping it,it seems they’re feeding the problem.
PERSON 4 : I need you to know this is going to kill your children early.
OFF VOICE : We are up against an uncredible enemy for lack of a better word.
DOCTOR : The fast food industry makes money with these nutrients which you might not get any of it.
PERSON 5 : Because you ‘re eating fried food , you’re eating death food , you’re eating food that have no lies.
JOURNALIST 5 : Many prior studies however have proven that American youth are growing obese because they keep filling their faces with bad food.
OFF VOICE : Between 1995 and two thousand ten over two hundred fifty billion dollars were spent on subsidizing foods that are making Americans fat.
Two out of three Americans are overweight and that figure is expected to rise two out of four by 2020.
People are choosing to spend their increasing disposable income on fatty sugary foods.
PERSON 5 : Foods that you put in your body can either heal you or kill you .
PERSON 6 : Get through enough of this sort of food and drink regularly enough and you risk of things like heart disease, strokes, certain types of cancers and diabetes all increase it is already put a huge strain on health system right across the world.
JOURNALIST 6 : About the obesity epidemic , we know American’s prognosis is bad , doctors say i’t ‘s getting worst. JOURNALIST 7 : The funeral directors are demanding wider caskets , this is the 24 inches and just won’t do
A number of the companies creator could increase by an other four inches.
PERSON 7 : It’s a bad thing for people overall but we also have to put on ourselves like selfcontrol to learn when to eat our when not to X X
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