This stray dog was living on the streets when he decided to follow Maggie and Maeve on their bikes.
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A stray dog followed a couple for 4 days while they were on a bike tour abroad. They initially weren't quite sure what to do and assumed that eventually the dog would go her own way.

Maggie and Mave are from Chicago but they were in Montenegro at the time, and there are lots of strays in the area. When they stopped for some bike maintenance, one came up to them. She was covered in fleas and ticks, but she was friendly. Maggie and Mave gave her some love and a snack and continued on their way. However, the dog followed for miles and miles, even when they set up camp for the night and woke up in the morning; she was still there.

This continued for 4 days with the stray dog who they called Monty. Never falling far behind, they started to really fall in love with Monty and knew that they at least needed to get her to a vet to take care of her fleas and ticks. The vet recommended spay surgery, and Maggie and Mave considered covering the procedure and then trying to find someone local to adopt her. But the thought of leaving Monty behind at this point made both of them too sad.

So, they went through with the procedure and found someone local to foster Monty while she recovered. While it's far from a simple process to travel internationally with a dog, Maggie and Mave got Monty her own passport and got her cleared for travel back to the US with them. Monty is now living her best life in Illinois, thriving in a cozy home and joining Maggie and Mave on all of their outdoor adventures.

I'm Jen and I post something positive every day. You can see more from Monty on Maggie's account, which is tagged and in the caption.
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