Troy Davis Execution
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Troy Davis was executed late Wednesday night after the Supreme Court denied a final appeal to stop the lethal injection. Davis was convicted of murdering an off-duty police officer in 1989, but his case recently grabbed global headlines when the case against him began to unravel. The Daily Beast has Davis’ final words.
“Strapped to the gurney, Davis lifted his head and looked at Mark and William McPhail, the son and brother of the police officer Davis was convicted of killing.... ‘I am sorry for your loss ... I did not personally kill your son, father and brother. I am innocent.’”
That’s the stance many protesters took as well. Among the crowd outside the sentencing, Reverend Al Sharpton, who tells WMAZ there simply wasn’t enough evidence to execute Davis.
AL SHARPTON: “There should not be a place in this country where people face death based on eyewitnesses alone, particularly when eyewitnesses have recanted their testimony.”
Davis’ family – too distraught to talk to the media – gave word to an Amnesty International spokesperson. NBC has that statement.
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL SPOKESPERSON: “They thanked people for coming and supporting them. They thanked people for standing by them. And for the million people who sent theirs signatures in to say to the state, ‘Do not do this; do not carry out this execution.’”
Officer McPhail’s family, however, believed Davis was guilty and says his execution is the justice they’ve been looking for. In an interview with TIME, McPhail’s mother says...
“I hope that tonight I can close the book, wake up tomorrow with a little peace, and just live out the rest of my life.”
Fox News reports Davis declined a last meal to spend time with his friends, family and supporters.
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