What do you see in the refrigirator?
juice, jam, a grapefruit, milk
bread, soup, rice
ice cream, meat, a cake

When does the man bring milk to the people's houses?
at noon
in the evening
early in the morning

How many bottles of milk does the family get?
3 bottles
2 bottles
1 bottle

What do the kids eat for breakfast?
cereal and milk, toast and jam
eggs and cheese
fish and chips

Where do the kids eat lunch?
At a restaurant
In school
At home

when does the family eat dinner?
at 7 or 8
at 5 or 6
at 6 or 7

What does the family eat for dinner?
meat, fish, vegetables, pizza or pasta
cakes, cookies, ice cream
jam, bread, eggs or fruit

What is the traditional British food?
hamburger and chips
meat and rice
fish and chips