Where is the dog at the beginning of the story?
In a car
In a forest
On a ship

Why is the man happy?
Because it is his birthday
Because he wins the lottery
Because it is sunny

What happens in the storm?
The ship wrecked
The dog tries to rescue his owner´s lottery receipt
The owner is killed by lightening

Which two things does the dog see on the island?
A palm tree and a boy
A little Indian woman and a cow
A cementery and a donkey

What happens in the street?
The dog meets Dracula
The dog is run over by a car
The dog escapes from some bad boys

What happens when the dog meets the poor man?
The poor man feeds the dog
The poor man cleans the dog
The poor man kidnaps the dog

Why is the dog dissapointed?
Because the house is in fire
Because his owner is on holidays
Because the man is with other animal

Which is the other animal?
A crocodile
A cat
A lion

What is the end of the story?
The dog gives the lottery to the poor man who gave food to it
The dog decides to travel alone around the world
The dog and the cat become friends