The news is being broadcast on tv station _____ Channel 9.

The man is texting on a boat off __________, California.
Malibu Beach
Hungtington Beach
Redondo Beach

The man is using _________ to text.
a smart phone
a notebook
a tablet

While he is texting, he doesn't see a whale just __________ .
a few yards away
a few meters away
a few feet away

The man never even ______ to look up while the whale was passing.

A massive and beautiful humpback whale and ________ were passing by.
her cat
her cub
her calf

The photographer said the sighting was "________."

He was more shocked because______.
the texting man didn't move or look up
the texting man took a picture of the whales
the whales were so close to the boat

The photographer posted the picture on ______, and it went viral around the world in a day.

The photographer acknowledges that the man _________on something important.
could have been working
may have been working
would have been working

The photographer says, "This is not about guy on a boat, it is a commentary on _________."
the extinction of whales
society today
distracted texting

From this experience, Smith hopes that our real lives ___________ than what we see on our smart phones.
are more important
are more interesting
are more exciting

Smith doesn't know __________.
the man is who
who is the man
who the man is

What does the idiom, "it touched a nerve" mean?
It needed an operation on the nervous system.
It caused an emotional reaction.
It hurt.