What does the speaker say about the war?
that they are losing the war
the war is too long
people are not willing to take part in

What would happen if Alan revealed the truth?
he would be sent to prison
he would be exiled
he would be executed

How many people died while Alan was having this conversation?

How much time did Alan need to complete the crossword?
8 minutes
5 minutes 34 seconds
6 minutes

How much time did Joan need to solve the crossword?
6 minutes
5 minutes 34 seconds
5 minutes 44 seconds

What is the aim of the machine designed by Alan Turning?
to write coded messages
to break the code
to read letters

Alan's machine was a prototype of:
a telephone
a computer
a tv set

Sometimes it's the people no one ______ who do the things that no one can imagine