What time does Mr Bean get up?
before 4 A.M.
before 6 A.M.
before 8 A.M.

What does he eat?
He eats a small breakfast.
He eats a big loaf of bread.
He eats a big breakfast.

What time does Mr Bean leave home?
At 7.30 in the morning
At 7.00 in the morning
At 7.30 in the evening

What time does Mr Bean have lunch?
around 2.15
around 10.15
around 12.15

What time does Mr Bean get home?
about 5 P.M.
about 6 P.M.
about 7 P.M.

When does Mr Bean check his email?
after dinner
after lunch
after breakfast

When does Mr Bean watch TV?
in the morning
in the afternoon
in the evening

When does Mr Bean go to bed?
after dinner
after midnight
after watching TV