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The Celts celebrated ____________ on October 31st.
the end of the winter
the end of the summer
the end of the harvest season

Samhain is the name of a festival that marked __________.
the Celtic New Year
a year between years
the middle of the year

On Samhain, the villagers ____________ to keep the dead away from the living.
slept outdoors
lit bonfires
left their homes

_________________ the Vatican merged Samhain with the church holiday.
In the 7th century
in the last century
in the 17th century

November 1st was designated ___________ by the church.
All Pains Day
All Saints Day
All Pay Day

Why are Samhain and All Saints Day related?
Because they were celebrated on the same day.
Because they are both very old traditions
Because they both have to do with the after life

Where does the word "Halloween" come from?
"Hallow" means saint and "eve" is the night before
"Hallow" is holy and "een" means frightening.
We don't know the exact origin of this word.

Who brought Halloween to America?
the English
the Irish
the Celts

Why did the pranksters wear masks?
Because they thought it was funny.
Because they wanted to be disguised.
Because they didn't want to be recognised

Halloween became dangerous __________.
In the 19th century.
In the 1930s.
In the 9th century.