Questions Transcript Notes


1. Where are they?
a. In a bus station
b. In a train station
c. In a travel agency.

2. At the beginning of the video, the kid thinks
a. It's a time machine.
b. It's time to sleep.
c. It's not a time machine

3. The kid pushed the button to ...
a. Turn on the time machine.
b. Turn on the radio.
c. Turn on the lights.

4. They saw ... in their imaginary world.
a. a ty rex, many dinosaurs, a fire, and a cave.
b. many dinosaurs, a ty rex, a fire, and a cave.
c. many dinosaurs, a fire, a ty rex, and a cave.

5. The man said " oh, my goodness" after the kid pushed the button because
a. the kid broke the button.
b. he wanted to show surprise at the new world just created.
c. he was terribly scared.

6. The man and his son slept in the bathroom because they ...
a. probably wanted to escape from dinosaurs.
b. were probably homeless.
c. liked to play in the bathroom.