Questions Transcript Notes


I see trees of...., Red roses, too.
a) dream
b) green
c) cream

I see them ..., For me and you.
a) bloom
b) gloom
c) doom

And I ... to myself, What a wonderul world!
a) thing
b) thank
c) think

I see skies of ..., And clouds of white.
a) glue
b) flu
c) blue

The bright blessed day, The dark sacred ...
a) knight
b) night
c) right

And I think to myself, What a ... world!
a) beautiful
b) wonderful
c) grateful

The colours of the rainbow, So ... in the sky
a) freaky
b) gritty
c) pretty

Are also on the ... Of people going by.
a) faces
b) noses
c) eyes

I see friends... hands. Sayin': "How do you do?"
a) clapping
b) striking
c) shaking

They're really sayin' "I... you"
a) love
b) like
c) hate

I ... babies cryin',
a) here
b) here
c) hear

I watch them ...
a) grow
b) grew
c) grown

They'll learn much more, Than I'll ... know
a) never
b) ever
c) lever

And I think to myself, What a wonderful ...
a) word
b) world
c) weld