Emperor Claudius had vast armies. His armies were

The soldiers were homesick. They
wanted to get away from home.
missed their families.
had fevers and headaches.

The emperor banned marriages. He made
married people wear wedding bands.
all his soldiers get married.
marriage illegal.

Valentine was called "Father Valentine" because he was
a Christian priest.
the "father" of Valentine's Day,
an older man who young people liked.

Claudius arrested Valentine because
his men liked Valentine better than Claudius.
Valentine helped people get married.
Valentine refused to join the army.

While Valentine was in prison (jail), his friends
tried to help him escape.
brought him food and sweets.
threw notes through his window.

Many people felt gratitude towards Valentine. They were
thankful for his help.
scared he would get them in trouble.
sad that he was in prison.

February 14 is the day Valentine was executed or
released from prison.

Valentine gave the very first Valentine card to
friends at church.
soldiers he had helped.
the jailer's daughter.

Giving Valentine's cards is a tradition. A tradition is
what most people do every year.
a story that is true.
something that people do in secret.