I see trees of _________ , _________ roses too.
leaves ; pretty
green ; red
green ; dead

I see them _________, for me and you.

I see _________ of blue, and __________ of white.
miles ; crowds
clothes ; smiles
skies ; clouds

The colors of the ______________, so pretty in the sky.
paint brush

When the singer sees friends shaking hands, what does he believe they are really saying?
How are you?
Nice to meet you.
I love you.

As the singer watches babies grow, what is he thinking?
They cry too much.
When they get older, they will know more than he does.
They will be taller than he is.

Why was this song written?
To remind us of everything beautiful in the world.
So we can learn the colors of the rainbow.
So babies won't cry anymore.