How many times a day is Ryan asked about sponsors?

What is Ryan's motto? (devise)
don't stress, be zen
don't stress, have fun
Don't stress, be cool

Around 1'31, what is he wearing?
A pair of black jeans and a blue short-sleeved T-shirt.
A black jeans and a long-sleeved T-shirt.
black jeans, a red cap and a T-shirt.

He is
a professional snowboarder
an amateur skateboarder.
a professional skateboarder.

what he needs most is
an agent
a firend
a photographer

Both Ryan and his friend skate
up the stairs
down the stairs

They have
just met
been friends for years
have been friends for 3 years

They met
at a skate park
at a shopping mall
at school

where soes Ryan live?
Santa Monica, California
San Clemente, California
San Clem, California