1. What does Steve Jobs say Apple is doing on this day?
Giving people phones
Reinventing the phone
Representing the phone

2. What do you notice about this presentation?
There are two presenters including Steve Jobs.
Background sounds help his presentation.
Steve Jobs wears a turtleneck sweater and blue jeans.

3. How does he present the iPhone as being the best available product?
By showing his previous inventions
By analyzing the problems of other smart phones
By introducing his life and talking about his philosophy

4. Which statement is incorrect about the multi-touch feature?
It is patented.
It is more accurate.
It ignores gestures.

5. Which is not a user interface introduced by Apple?
The click-wheel
The mouse pad

6. What is not inferred from this presentation?
A famous artist made the presentation.
Background graphic is simple and clear to understand.
Audience seems supportive to Steve Jobs' presentation.

7. According to Steve Jobs, what is true about other smart phones?
They are convenient.
They are hard to use.
They are smarter than iPhone.

8. What type of product did they try to make?
A leap-frog product
A leaping product
A jumping jack product

9. The iPhone is supposed to be...
smarter than smart phones
smarter than non-smart phones
more complicating than other phones

10. Why doesn't the keyboard on the other smart phones work well?
The buttons and controls can't change.
The buttons are plastic.
You need a mouse.