1.______ suffered the fourth largest earthquake ever recorded.
a. Chile
b. Japan
c. Australia

2. Japan was hit by a _____ magnitude earthquake.
a. 0.9
b. 9.9
c. 9.0

3.______ died when buildings and homes collapsed like papers.
a. over 190 people
b. 190 people
c. less than 190 people

4. A two weeks old baby and his mother were rescued after ______.
a. 34 hours
b. 2 days
c. 24 hours

5.______ suffered the worst flood since the 1970's.
a. Austria
b. Austral
c. Australia

6.Twelve million people were affected by a severe ______.
a. drug
b. drought
c. drag

7.In the southern states of the USA ______ destroyed thousands of homes.
a. wildfires
b. warfare
c. wares