1. The main topic of the lecture is
How air pollution can make people very sick
The relationship between microorganisms and building design
The importance of preventing contagious disease by designing smart walls

2. According to the lecture, all of the following are true about microorganisms except
They cannot be seen
There are both good and bad microorganisms
Microoganisms reproduce in the lungs of humans and animals

3. Having microbially diverse air
Might be better for human health than air without this diversity
Is found in higher quantities in hopsitals
May have increased global warming

4. According to the lecture, mechanically ventilated air
Is more likely to contain germs
Is unique to hospitals
Is the most energy efficient way of building homes

5. All of the following are problems with the current structure of hospitals EXCEPT
High energy costs
There are not enough hospitals for the amount of people living in the U.S.
The amount of patients that suffer from nosocomial infections

6. The lecturer believes that we should think of buildings as we think of managing
National parks
A government