1. What is the lecture mainly about?
Reasons to study spiders and their silk
The mating habits of spiders
The eating patterns of spiders

2. According to the lecturer, spiders are all of the following EXCEPT
Extremely diverse
Found in all parts of the world
Able to lift four times their body weight

3. Spiders use silk for all of the following EXCEPT
Keeping cool in the heat
Wrapping eggs
Catching prey

4. According to the lecture, how many categories of silk are there?

5. According to the lecture, major ampullate silk is
Used to make frames and safety trailing draglines
Used to capture prey
Is the most rare type of silk

6. All of the following are true of spider silk EXCEPT
It is almost entirely made of protein
It is impossible to replicate
The sequence is incredibly repetitive

7. Tensile testing is
When scientists pull on the web to determine how strong it is
When scientists color code the adenine molecules in a genome
When scientists trigger the spider to make a web in the lab