1. What is the main focus of the lecture?
The lecturer uses the astrolabe to argue that technology is always good and bad.
The lecturer wants to encourage people to learn how to use astrolabes in their daily lives.
The lecturer wants to convince the audience that astrolabes can help us build better computers.

2. According to the professor, an astrolabe is
A map of the sun
A puzzle
A model of the sky

3. All of the following are true of astrolabes EXCEPT
Children at the time knew how to use them
An educated person could learn how to build an astrolabe
Astrolabes were always painted gold to represent the sun

3. Why does the lecturer say "It's worth probably about three MacBook Pros"?
To put the cost of the 15th century astrolabe replica into perspective
To protest the cost of technology
To prove that everyone should own an astrolabe

4. Which of the following is NOT a step in the process of using an astrolabe?
Selecting a star
Moving the rete so the altitude of the star corresponds with the scale
Aligning the moon and the North Star

5. According to the lecturer, an astrolabe
Can be used in hundreds of ways
Must be made out of bronze
Is always identical