1. How are mushrooms being used to help the environment?
Mushrooms are used to break down plastics
Mushrooms are used to create materials that will take the place of synthetic materials that harm the environment
Mushrooms are used to help trees keep their leaves longer

2. All of the following are advantages of using mushrooms EXCEPT
Mushrooms, unlike plastics, naturally decompose when we are done using them
Mushroom would not require using a petroleum feedstock
Mushrooms can be grown without using water

3. Mycelium
is a part of the mushroom that can be used as a type of glue
comes from the Greek word meaning "to grow"
is the chemical which causes styrofoam to be resilient

4. The professor mentions all of the following reasons for choosing mycelium EXCEPT
It is self-assembling
It is waterproof, fireproof, and liquid proof
It is easy to transport on ships

5. An example of a synthetic material is
a mushroom

6. The speaker mentions trees dropping their leaves in order to
to prove that synthetic materials can be found in nature
to illustrate that humans need trees to purify our air
explain what humans can learn from observing nature's method for properly disposing of waste