1. According to the professor, what is biomutualism?
A type of life form that needs a tail to survive
A process beyond biomimetics where both disciplines can mutually benefit one another
An event where an organism preserves its own life

2. According to the professor, biomutualism results in
Something better than nature
Something that fits into nature perfectly
Something that is easily fixed

3. According to the professor, all of the following are true about a gecko's feet EXCEPT
Gecko toes are made up of millions of tiny hairs
They stick to surfaces using van der Waals forces
The toes are covered with a substance known as sucrose that is especially sticky

4. According to the professor, a gecko's tail is used for all of the following EXCEPT
To help catch food
To help guide themselves towards a target
To right themselves when falling

5. According to the professor, the gecko has a(n)
active tail
passive tail
hydrophobic tail

6. Why did the professor talk about a gecko's tail and feet?
To explain that a gecko is much better at climbing than a spider
To prove that some animals use gravity in unusual ways
To demonstrate how studying nature can benefit multiple fields