1. All of the following are true of microalgae EXCEPT
Microalgae are extremely small
There are many types of microalgae, and some of them grow at incredible rates
Microalgae live for millions of years because they do not need food

2. According to the professor, why do we need to create the enclosures offshore?
Cities are overcrowded so there is no room to build the algae enclosements
Algae are naturally found in the water
The algae can be grown using the waste water cities dispose of offshore

3. The algae need all of the following to grow EXCEPT
Carbon Dioxide

4. According to the professor, photobioreactors
Also known as PHOs, are made out of water and seaweed
Also known as PBRs, are the plastic structures that will hold the algae grown in the ocean
Also known as PHS, are the nutrients that the algae feed upon

5. According to the professor, why did the scientists need to find a way to remove the oxygen?
Oxygen is poisonous to the young algae
Algae are allergic to oxygen
The algae need carbon dioxide to live and oxygen actually suffocates them

6. In addition to looking at environmental factors, the professor says that his team also evaluated
The economic factors
The sociological factors
The psychological factors

7. In addition to using the algae to produce biofuel, the team's original intent, the OMEGA project could also produce
Wave energy, wind energy, mussels, and scallops
Plankton, crill, and nuclear energy
Divers, plastic, carcinogens, and membranes