Ground Control to ________
Mayor Tom
Major Tom

__________ to Major Tom
Sound Control
Ground Control

Lock your Soyuz hatch and ____________
put your helmet on
put on your helmet

Ground Control to Major Tom. Commencing countdown, ____________
engines on
engineers on

Detach from station and ___________
may the love of God be with you
may God's love be with you

This is Ground Control to Major Tom. You've really _______
made the grave
made the grade

And the papers want to know ________ you wear
whose shirts
who's shirts

But it's time to guide _________ if you dare
the capsule
the capstain

This is Major Tom to Ground Control. I've left _________
forever more

And _________ in a most peculiar way
I'm floating
I'm gloating

And ____________very different today
the stars look
the stares look

For here am I sitting _________, far above the world
in a tin man
in a tin can

And the Earth is blue, and ______________
there's nothing left to do
theirs nothing left to do

____________ 100,000 miles, I'm feeling very still
Though I flew
Though I've flown

And before too long I know __________
it's time to go
it's time to grow

Our commander comes down back _______, and knows
to dearth
to Earth

Ground Control to Major Tom, time is near, _________
there's not too long
there's nothing wrong

Can you ____me Major Tom? Can you ____ me Major Tom? Can you ____ me Major Tom? Can you hear....?

Can you hear me floating in my tin can, __________ of the world
a last glimpse
a last glimmer

The Planet Earth is _____ and there's nothing left to do