1. What did John use to be when he was a child?
a poacher
a student
a herder

2. Why did his father tell him the story about the three predators?
to teach him about nature
to teach him how to deal with problems
to teach him how to be a good herder

3. What is the definition he gave about the meaning of poacher?
an irresponsible conservationist
a black man who broke the law
a black man not allowed to hunt

4. According to the context of the video "skyrocketing" is closest in meaning to:

5. What was the common practice in Africa to deal with poaching before the intervention of the IRDNC?
arresting them
instructing them to look after wildlife
killing them

6. What is a conservancy?
an international organization funding a national program
a community of rangers protecting wildlife
a governmental organization run by local communities

7. According to John Kasona what is paramount in order for conservation efforts to succeed?
It needs to improve the lives of local communities
It needs to receive help from the government
It needs to combine the use of modern technology and ancient practices.