Why doesn't the boy play with other children?
He doesn't like the other children.
It's late and he has to go home.
He feels unhappy because his shoes are very old.

When he sees a boy sitting on a bench, he ___.
does not sit down
sits down and looks at the boy's new shoes
sits down and says 'Hello!" to the boy

When the boy on the bench smiles and waves hello, he ___.
says "hello" to the boy
gets up, goes to a tree, and sits down
gets up and walks home

He sits under the tree and says, "It's not fair. ___
"I want to be like him!"
"I have to go home!"
"I want to play with him!"

What happens next?
The boy with old shoes falls asleep.
The boy with new shoes goes home.
Each boy suddenly becomes the other boy.

The second boy was sitting on the bench because he ___.
was tired and wanted to rest
couldn't walk
didn't want to play in the park