Why does the professor leave the children alone in a room?
to see if they will stay there
to see if they will eat the marshmallow
to see if they will bring him coffee in two hours

What happens when the professor leaves the room?
two out of three kids eat the marshmallow
all of the kids eventually eat the marshmallow
some of the kids eat the marshmallow and then walk around the room

What does "the ability to delay gratification" mean?
being able to wait for what you want
being able to get things from others
being able to get what you want right away

The professor found that _________ of the children who didn't eat the marshmallow were successful later in life.
almost all

How many of the kids that ate the marshmallow were having trouble later in life?
not many
a lot

What happened in Colombia?
Posada replicated the experiment and got the same results
Posada replicated the experiment and got different results
Posada did a different experiment with hispanic kids

Why does Posada think it is important to teach kids not to eat the marshmallow?
because kids that eat too many marshmallows will make them fat
Posada doesn't really care about marshmallows --they're just a metaphor
because kids in America are eating more marshmallows than they are producing