Who introduced Google Glass to the world?
Steve Brin
Sergey Brin
Sergey Grin

How much does Google Glass cost?

What happens when you receive a message?
the message pops without any notification in front of your eyes
you get a sign in your ear
you see a little envelope in the corner

What do you need to use Google Glass?
your smartphone
a portable computer
you need just Google Glass and nothing more

How long does the battery live?
maximum about 2 hours
a whole day
maximum about 5 hours

Why does Google recommend wearing Google Glass for only about an hour in the first week of usage?
because of headache
because of eye strain
because of epilepsy

What are the key issue of Google Glass?

How do the Google Glass inform other people about capturing a footage?
LED blinks
LED makes a sound
It does not do anything