Among other things, what the Ohio brothers needed to pursue their dream was

The shop that the Wright brothers ran in Dayton
was later demolished
is still standing
is in the outskirts of the city

Their first attempts with unmanned gliders stood in the air
less than a minute
more than a minute
just one minute

In October 1905 Orville flew their hand-made plane for the longest time to date:
29 minutes
5 minutes
39 minutes

The Wright brothers' Model B Flyer was mass produced
and sold exclusively to the Army
and about 100 were sold
at a cost of 5000 dollars

A replica of the Model B Flyer can be flown over Dayton
since 1992
but it doesn't fly high
but not many people can fly it

Unlike the original, this replica
is made of steel
has two seats
uses wooden skids for landing

The Wright Brothers knew that success was based on