PICTURE 1 The blonde woman has
light skin
fair skin
olive skin

PICTURE 2 She has
long curly red hair and brown eyes
long red wavy hair and green eyes
long red frizzy hair hair and blue eyes

PICTURE 3 The little girl has
long round plaits, brown eyes and medium sckin
long blonde ponytails, black eyes and clean skin
long brown braids, brown eyes and fair skin

PICTURE 4 The lady has long brown hair,
hazel eyes and fair skin.
blue eyes and fair skin.
green eyes and fair skin.

PICTURE 5 She has _____ hair, blue eyes and fair skin.
short blonde hair
short straight brown hair
wavy blonde hair

PICTURE 6 She has ___, ____ and fair skin.
straight brown hair, hazel eyes
straight red hair, green eyes
straight copper hair, brown eyes

PICTURE 7 The boy has
short curly black hair
brown eyes, and dark skin
all of the above

PICTURE 7 Which word means 'without hair'

PICTURE 7 The man has
a mustache
a beard
all of the above