How long did it take Tim Thomas (Will Smith) to shatter his world?
seven days
seven seconds
seven pounds

He tells the woman (0.32) that when she signs her name ....
she'll owe his house
she'll own his house
she'll loan his house

(0.33) He asks the woman not to ...
try to get in touch with him
take the case to trial
to tell anyone about it

(0.48) What does he tell the elderly man in the hospital bed?
he is in a position to change someone's situation
he doesn't want to take any drastic measures
he asks her to help him change his circumstances

(1.05) What does he reply to the young woman?
He has feelings for her and she deserves it.
He has the feeling that she will preserve it.
His insticts are telling him that she is worthy of it.

(1.27) "That's not part of the deal" - he means:
this is not part of our relationship
this is not how to deal with the situation
this is not what we agreed upon

(1.30) The doctor asks him: "Why is she ..... your name is Ben?"
on the impression
under the impression
having the impression

(1.38) What does he mean?
he doesn't want to keep on trying
he doesn't want to continue telling her lies
he will never tell her lies again

Why is this not easy for Ben's friend? (1.58)
because he's not used to this
because he's trying to stop every day
he's never done this before